CAREPACKS For Puerto Rico

Here at St. John Paul II we have demonstrated our commitment to the community on numnerous occassions. Most recently, with your help, Saint Francis Church gathered many donations for our brothers and sisters in Mexico. We truly appreciate your generosity!  Given the circumstances, we would like you to join us in solidarity for Puerto Rico.

Due to the unprecedented destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, thousands of people in Puerto Rico have lost everything. Saint Francis of Assisi’s Church will be creating backpacks filled with first necessities products because so many people must now carry all their belongings wherever they go.  We call these backpacks “CAREPACKS”.

We would like to make a school effort to donate items for the CAREPACKS. Any donation will be accepted, but here are the suggested donations to prevent duplicates.


Suggested Donations by Grade:






Spam/canned tuna


Canned beans/canned sausage/canned chicken


Individual packs of baby wipes – not plastic containers


Twin/full blankets


Batteries – AA/C/D


Twin/full blankets


Mosquito repellant


16 ct women’s sanitary pads/

canned chicken


Mosquito repellant


Canned tuna/condensed milk


Please send in all donations by October 10th


If you would like to donate something in addition to your class donation, you can donate a complete CAREPACK or send in $20 so volunteers can create a CAREPACK.

Other products needed:

Diapers, adult diapers, baby formula, mosquito nets, bottled water.


To donate a complete CAREPACK:

Please include the following in your CAREPACK. Take this opportunity to send a note inside the backpack to the family receiving your donation. Your words of encouragement will make a difference in these difficult times.


1 - backpack (under $10) 1 - toothpaste
1 - pack of 2 toothbrushes 1 - pack of clorox wipes
1 - tube triple antibiotic 1 - hand sanitizer
1 - hand towel 1 - body wash/soap
1 - cold/flu medicine 1 - First Aid Kit
1 - deoderant 1 - flashlight
1 - children's Tylenol 1 - adult Tylenol
2 - packs of batteries forflashlight  


If you have any questions, please contact Yani Vazquez at or 860-778-8958, or contact Mrs. Triay at or 860-347-2978.