In the Beginning

Catholic education has a rich tradition in Middletown.  For over 100 years, parish Catholic Schools have provided education to students in Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. 

To ensure the preservation of Catholic elementary education well into the future, St. Mary Parish and St. John Parish pastors, boards of education, and the Diocese School Office recommended a plan to Bishop Michael R. Cote, D.D., Bishop of Norwich, to join the two schools into one regional Catholic elementary school for the Middletown region.  The plan to extend Catholic education was predicated on the support of all the parishes of the Middletown Deanery.

The plan was approved, and in the fall of 2013, St. John Paul II School opened its doors!

Building a vibrant Catholic identity is central to our vision.   Our patron, St. John Paul II, provides these words to guide us:


Catholic school is a place where students live a shared experience of faith in God and where they learn the riches of Catholic culture...Catholic schools must help students to deepen their relationship with God and to discover that all things human have their deepest meaning in the person and teaching of Jesus Christ.


St. John Paul II Regional School draws from the rich heritage of St. Mary School, St. John School, and St. Sebastian School and is committed  to serving the needs of our school community. The school upholds a vitality and vision for the future of our young people rooted in data-driven best practices and 21st Cenury Learning.

We work closely with Mercy and Xavier High Schools to ensure our students are rigorously prepared for future studies and afforded the opportunity for a complete Catholic education through 12th grade.