Curriculum Standards followed by John Paul II School

Saint John Paul II Regional School follows the Hartford Archdiocesan Schools Curriculum.  All curriculum documents are in alignment with national standards, exceed the Common Core State Standards, and correspond to the high expectations set by the Office of Catholic Schools.

For more information about the Hartford Archdiocesan Schools Curriculum, visit the link below:

 Subjects offered include


  • Religious Studies
  • Mathematics 
  • Reading/Literature
  • Language Arts / Writing 
  • Social Studies
  • Science 
  • Spanish Grades 1-8


  • General and Choral Music
  • Instrumental Music including Band  
  • Art
  • Computer Technology
  • Library Science
  • Physical Education
  • Family Life and Character Education

Our core programs of study are supplemented with many experiential learning opportunities.  Examples of these are:

  • Engineering with Legos & Jr. Robotics
  • Science Fair
  • Extracurricular sports - cross country, basketball, soccer, volleyball
  • Drama
  • Service Projects
  • Field Trips  

Teachers use frequent formative assessments as well as benchmark and standardized testing to monitor progress and inform instruction to ensure each student's learning needs are addressed.   Regular assessments include the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2), Math, Reading, and Writing Benchmarks, Unit perfomance assessments, the annual IOWA Test of Basic Skills, and Algebra Developmental ReadinessTest. Teacher teams meet regularly to analyze data, review student work, design curriculum, and reflect on instructional strategies.

Saint John Paul II School is proud to be fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Our graduates go on to excel in high school.  Most of our graduates select, and are accepted to, area private high schools, including Mercy High School and Xavier High School.  90% of the class of 2014 will be attending Mercy or Xavier High Schools.  Other high schools selected by the 2014 class are St. Paul's Catholic School and Vinal Technical High School.