St. John Paul II School offers a unique Spanish program of full language immersion in grades  1–5.  Classes meet three times per week with a focus on conversation and vocabulary. These fast-paced, engaging classes are "Spanish only" and students love them. They are well prepared to proceed in middle school (grades 6–8) to a high school preparation program focused on Spanish reading, writing, and grammar.

Dr. Victor Triay, middle school Spanish teacher, is also a professor at Middlesex Community College and an expert in Cuban history.  His parents left Cuba after the rise of Fidel Castro, so the subject is personal to him – and has inspired him to devote his time and talents towards researching, writing and lecturing on the topic.


His publications include:

Additionally, he has been interviewed for and/or appeared in various magazines, newspapers, documentaries, news programs, television shows, and radio programs on Cuba-related topics, including but not limited to :

  • CNN   
  • CNN Español (radio)
  • CSpan2 (Book TV)  
  • National Public Radio
  • Connecticut Public Radio

Mrs. Emilia Triay, who was also born in Cuba, teaches elementary Spanish immersion classes.  Her interactive, creative classes are a highlight for students.


We are proud to have on our faculty staff, the dynamic duo of Dr. Victor Triay, Ph.D. and his wife Emelia Triay leading our spanish program at St. John Paul II.