Reading/Literature/Language Arts & Writing

  • Strong foundational program of phonics, comprehension and fluency expanding to literature and writing.



  • Formal religion course taught daily in Pre-K through Eighth grade including knowledge of faith, liturgical education, moral foundation, prayer, education for community life, and missionary initiative.


Social Studies

  • Elementary social studies, American and world history, geography, and civics.



  • St. John Paul II offers a unique Spanish program that offers full language immersion in grades 1-5, focusing on conversation and vocabulary. Spanish in grades 6-8 offers a high school preparation course focused on reading, writing, grammar, and conversation.


Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

  • Nancy Larson  Science curriculum for grades K – 5.


  • Integrated Technology – The classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and there is a 1:1 Laptop program for grades 7 & 8. Grades 2 – 6 have access to two mobile laptop labs, and grades Pre-K – 4 each have a set of android tablets for student use. Studens in grades 2 – 8 each get a Microsoft Office 365 account with access to the full suite of Office programs.


  • Engineering is offered using BitsBox and LittleBits in Technology classes, and in extra curricular activites such as Engineering with Legos for grades K – 5, First Lego League Robotics for grades 5 –8, science fairs, and the CT Invention Convention.


  • Mathematics - A core course focusing on skill fluency, problem solving and application. Middle school math is leveled so that each student has the opportunity for success at his own pace. Offerings progress to Algebra and Advanced Algebra.


Special Courses

  • Music
  • Instrumental Music & Band
  • Middle School Chorus
  • Physical Education
  • Technology
  • Art
  • Library